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August 8, 2006 - by Amsterdamgirl

Yep, Amsterdamgirl has hit New York and I went to the taping yesterday.

I arrived at the studio at around 3.15 and there was already a huge line. Luckily, it wasn't too hot and we were all standing in the shadow. The trainees still kept handing out free bottles of water, almost begging us to take them. (I took one just as a souvenir. Is that sad?) At around 4.45 they announced they were having "technical difficulties" and we would be running late. (Later it turned out we had to wait for Brain Williams who as Jon said before the taping started had "a real show to do") Being a trainee at the TDS is a strange job. At one moment they were sent out to entertain the crowd. So they started us asking questions and whoever answered them correctly got a TDS calender from 2006. ("Hey, we're basic cable.") It was quite funny, resulting in that the crowd themselves took turns in asking and answering questions. A lot of Trivial Pursuit lovers, I can assure you. We were finally let in at around 6.15. (After they mentioned we could ask Jon anything, except for hugs, kisses, hair locks and nail clippings.)

It then took another twenty minutes or so, before the warm-up guy Paul came on. Luckily they played some really nice music, Bon Jovi actually and some of the crowd were disappointed when that was turned of. Paul was really funny, working the crowd like a pro.

Finally, finally, Jon took the stage. He thanked us for all our patience and complained about his new trousers. One leg was way too long and he was worrying that it might be because he was getting shorter. He then took some questions from the audience. (Does he really read all the books that are promoted on the show? No, he only reads the cover and the back, if there's a bit on it about the author. What does he really think about Tucker Carlson? Not much, he only met him once, that was nasty and the other guy was very clever to keep quiet during that interview. Why do people let themselves be interviewed by TDS? Because, people just love to "be on the television". That lady they interviewed recently who was in favor of drink-driving phoned in the next day to say how much she had enjoyed the segment... And finally who picked the music they play on TDS. That was some guy who's name I forget, but he was also in charge of the music they played before the taping started. That question resulted in some cheering and booing about Bon Jovi and Jon mentioned how embarrassing it would be for him if there would be bloodshed in his studio and he would have to admit it was because some people like Bon Jovi and others don't.

The taping itself went smoothly. No double takes. Jon was very amused about Rob's piece. Laughing loud off camera. The cutest thing was with Lewis Black. Instead of looking at Lewis, Jon read along with Lewis at the autocue. The funny thing was, that he was always just ahead of Lewis, so he was smiling about jokes a second before Lewis said them.

Because the show ran late they couldn't hook up with Stephen. That was a shame. But did you all see the end of the Colbert Report in which at the end Stephen surprises Jon by checking in on him and asks what's on tomorrow's show? Real real funny, I'm, sure it will be on YouTube by now.

Okay, if you'll excuse me. My plane leaves in 24 hours and amsterdamgirl has till some major shopping to do!!

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