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Colbert Nation

The official unofficial page of "The Colbert Report."

Footnote TV: The Colbert Report

Great commentary on the real issues behind TCR and other shows.


The encyclopedia of all things "Colbert Report." And a few other things.


A collection of user-submitted quotes.

Other fan Sites

The Official Stephen Colbert Love Association

Dude. Just...dude.

The No-Fact Zone

Great site, and the name is brilliant.

Other Projects (by the real Stephen)

Strangers With Candy

Many newer Stephen Colbert fans aren't familiar with this show. They should be. Go buy the DVDs now. The site will still be here when you're done.

Strangers With Candy: The Movie

Prequel movie to the TV series...coming soon to a theater that may or may not be near you. Maybe.


Meta-Fan fiction: Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness

Amusing to those of us who are fans of both "The Colbert Report" and Harry Potter. This seems to be an alarming number of people.

Threatdown Generator

Generate your own Threatdowns. We did.

On Notice Generator

In a similar vein, generate your own "on notice" board. Ha ha! Addictive.

The Colbear Report

A Livejournal community of Colbert Report fans, dedicated to tracking the nefarious doings of bears. Really. Often shares material with this site's own Bears in the News forum.


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