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"The Daily Show"

June 19, 2006 - by Claressa

oooooooooo gonna have to watch the daily show with jon stewart tonight!! i was in the audience and it was amazing!! jon was hillarious as i'd never seen him live before, the crowd warmer ~ paul mercurio ~ was great! i met up with a couple of nice pairs of people in line. since i was by myself *not that that's a bad thing*, i got to sit in the front row!! i'd never been to one of those tapings, i had no idea it was taped in real time and our show had no editing!! samantha bee is on tonight and her segment was funny, so was dan bakkedahl's... he ran through the set dressed down. the guest, calvin trillin *pardon if i didn't spell it right* was someone i hadn't heard of but was quite funny. i may have to snag his book.

the opening bit about the word and ebay... that was a question asked by someone in the audience. now i'm excited, i want to go back later this week!

thanks for letting me share!

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