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May 9, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

Today marked the great Daily Show Standby Party(TM) with pocky_slash. Armed and ready to go with two, 2-litres of diet pepsi and a medium-sized pizza from Dominos, we began our quest at 3pm to see if we could get into the Daily Show.

Suffice to say we were unsuccessful and didn't get in. But, something better was about to happen. Oh yes. Good indeed.

While eating a slice of pizza and blabbering on about Anderson Cooper's creepy commercials at around 315pm, I looked down the street and noticed a man clad in a red, tight shirt, tight blue jeans and a pair of shoes. It wasn't until I saw his bright shiny bald head that I noticed it was indeed ROB CORDDRY.

"HOLY SHIT!" I exclaimed to pocky_slash and pointed. Sure enough, there he was talking to two friends and was just hanging out.

But, it got better. About 5 minutes later, DAN BAKKEDAHL walked out for a cigarette break and noticed the two of us waiting alone in the standby line. I waved to him and said "HELLO!" all nicely and he waved back. He walked over to us and asked us what we were doing and how long we were there for. I explained I was in NYC doing an internship and wanted to see the show and he seemed pretty cool with that, asking where I interned. Apparently he's a huge John Stossel fan becaues we talked about that for the next 5 minutes. No joke. We bonded over the silly 20-20 correspondent.

Cigarette over, Dan was about ready to walk back into the studio. I took action. I asked him politely if he could yoink Rob Corddry for a quick picture AND BOTH AGREED.

Fans and correspondents

There we are. Rob, pocky_slash, Myself (why am I in the CNN sweatshirt again!?), and Dan.

Both men then went back inside and we thanked them for their time. Dan was a pretty cool guy and I get the feeling that he really doesn't get a lot of recognition. :(

pocky_slash and I returned to our standby line party (of two) and our day was made. TWO correspondents? Surely this couldn't get any better! We finished our pizza and were goofing off, trying to see if we could find our best friend forever Ben Karlin. Suffice to say, he didn't show up, but out walked Rob Corddry from the studio at around 4pm.

Rob, now with a messenger bag on his right shoulder, walked past us and gave us a smile. We waved and thanked him again for being so cool. He asked if we knew if we were getting in or not, and we said we didn't know. He wished us luck and then continued on his way to the subway. (We don't think anyone in the 'regular line' saw him. woops)

Okay. So that was two conversations with Rob. So this couldn't get any more weird, right?

OH, But it did.

At 430 the door opened again and out rolls a stroller, with a very tired and exhausted SAMANTHA BEE leaving the studio. pocky_slash and I looked at each other and I immediately sprang into action. Surely this sort of thing is not normal?! We asked Sam how she was doing with the baby, who btw is fucking adorable and the cutest kid EVER. Sam said it was exhausted, as we could see with the bags under her eyes. She agreed to take a pic with us and then went about her business.

Picture with Samantha Bee and Piper Bee Jones

Me (I wasn't ready!), pocky_slash, Samantha Bee, and Piper Bee Jones (in stroller)

Sam took off and shortly thereafter we were told that we couldn't get in. We didn't care though, because we met THREE CORRESPONDENTS AND A BABY! We made our way to the Colbert Report and had no luck there either.

Oh well. But you know what? I think this was one of the great experiences -- not as cool as my shoutout, but something almost as cool.

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