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"The Daily Show"

February 13, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

This little Daily Show fan finally got in today to see the show after waiting in lines since I've been in New York on Mondays, and I just got home. I am so freakin' thrilled and it seriously seems all so sereal right now. I seriously cannot believe that I managed to get in on the last free seat... it's just, perfect.

So the show was taping later today and at 6pm I was finally let in after waiting in line at 330. I sat in the front row, on the end and directly in front of Jon. The warmup guy came out, was boring, and then Jon came out to answer questions from the audience.

I was the third person called on and I had the following conversation with Jon when I asked my question:

ME: So are there any plans for a 10th anniversary special for the show this year?
JON: Not that I know of done by us, but I'm certain that Comedy Central might do something for the show or something. Maybe a cafeteria discount or something. I don't know. ::pauses:: Is it really 10 years?
ME: Yeah, you guys started July 22, 1996.
JON: Oh wow. How do you remember that? How old were you?
ME: 13 at the time, started watching with Kilborn.
JON: Is that so? Well you know 13 year olds are our demographic....
ME: I even remember on December 16, 1998 when you guested on Kilborn and he gave you the phone book.
Jon: So are you like this with any other shows or just this one?
Me: Just this one.
Jon: That's amazing. Wow... I think you might be our biggest fan to ever come to a taping.
Me: ::giggles:: I would sure hope so.
Jon (who is still toying with the broken microphone) Wow that... wow I am still shocked that someone knows the history so well. Well I hope that tonight isn't a huge disappointment for you. Not every show can be spot on. Then we'll be like "Christ that one girl who has seen every show will be very very sad."
ME: I am just glad to finally be here to see the show in person.
Jon: Well this is just putting on a lot of pressure. On that note, let's get started.

So the show starts and he does his introduction-- and says "Welcome to the Daily Show, I'm Jon Stewart.. welcome to the 1800th episode". He then pauses and looks at me off camera and is looking for a 'thumbs up' or 'approval' and i give it to him.


The rest of the show totally rocked. Ed Helms was on the show and he came out and did the first coverage of the Dick Cheney debacle. I cannot express how happy it made me to know that Ed was on and I got to see him have some interaction with Jon and in front of the green screen. It was interesting to see how they did the graphics and everything for that as well. BTW-- Correspondents stand on the left side of the stage, where the guest comes out from.

Then Rob Corddry came out and did a segment at the desk. Later Lewis Black came back FINALLY and did a quick Back in Black, followed up by the boring interview with some astronaut.

Out of everyone, Ed got the biggest round of applause and I am so proud of him. He looked so adorkable standing there just before he was suppose to go on, and he's laughing so hard and smiling before becoming serious.

FYI: There are small chair guards on the podium where Jon's desk is so that no one rolls off. I was worried about that and then realized that it would be v. v. hard for someone to fall.

Okay... so afterward this producer dude comes by at Jon's orders with what looks like a stack of papers and Jon writes something on it, and it isn't until after the show ends that I realize what it is. The producer guy comes up to me and says the following:

"Jon wanted you to have this for being such a big fan and everything. It's a signed copy of tonight's script."

I took it from and and sure enough -- there it was. In big RED SHARPIE MARKER was the signature of Jon Stewart.

Oh god. I can barely contain my excitement and everything.

I couldn't have asked for a better episode. Ever. The entire episode was perfect-- all the correspondents I wanted to see and there was NO COLBERT REPORT throw either. It was as though Colbert didn't exist and for that it was ideal.

::excited:: Oh god. It just feels all too good to be true.

And here's the script :)


February 13, 2006 Daily Show script signed by Jon Stewart

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