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"The Colbert Report - The Colbert R-oh, shit!"

June 20, 2006 - by Claressa

lol, sorry about the title... wait, no i'm not! i was at the taping of the colbert report tonight and we, the audience, were doing our part to keep quiet while he did his table of contents and as he was getting to "this is the colbert report" he suddenly went "colbert rooohhshit" and we hit the roof!

okay so let me back up a little bit... the line was not nearly as bad today as it was yesterday, it was short and covered so we weren't stuck in the heat. the capacity is much smaller though, roughly 100 people get in. according to my ticket, i was number 20. again, i met a nice person in line behind me while she was waiting for her friend and her friend's friend to come back from shopping. we finally get to go in the door and have to go to another waiting area. after a while, we go in and *wow* the set is smaller than it looks and being alone again, i get to sit in the front row!! again, direct line sight of the host, mr. stephen colbert! he comes out and has a couple audience questions. his new movie "strangers with candy" premiered tonight so he had to book it after the show.

so we start taping the show and that's where the rohshit comes in. that bit goes on after the commercial break then his next segment starts off okay, goes to a video clip and he completely lost it again!! oh my god that was funny! he messed up his line then went "ya know, i need to do that from the clip again. pretend like that joke is funny the second time around" and it was. "you know, normally i don't do the show high" lol. later when he's doing the word, there's a part about his chair *you'll see it and get it later* he starts it like a lawnmower. during the break after that, he played with the cord like it was exercise equipment, prentended to do the same to the other side of the chair but went "aww" when there wasn't a cord. i can't wait to see it tonight! you know how on the bottom of his "stage" is written "the colbert report" and how it looks really much like a digital marquee, yeah, it's not. it's paper and i know this because where i was sitting, you could see part of it actually coming off and another spot held on with duct tape.

i tell ya, all that standing in line to see a half hour show. i'd do it again in a heartbeat!!

lmao it made it in the show!!

oh yeah, one more edit... the bit with bobby about soccer, i was seated right next to where bobby was standing. the staff had to move a couple of people out of the cameras way.

oh oh oh... how could i forget!! before the show, stephen came out and ran through the audience slapping people's hands... i was one of those people!!

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