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"The Colbert Report - Nutz Soda, Ben Karlin, and overly done alcoholic beverages"

May 2, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

I actually managed to get into the Colbert Report-- my tickets were never confirmed but I randomly ran into pocky_slash who was there using her friend's tickets because she couldn't make it. I found out she had an extra one and I was good to go.

We got there around the same time at 415 and this time were numbers 16 and 17 in line. We did the usual line party activities and then went inside the studio. Stephen took questions as usual, and FINALLY I was called on after pocky_slash asked about Stephen's character backstory! I took action and asked what I've been wanting to know for awhile.

Me: "Back in 2000 you guys started using NUTZ flavored soda on the Daily Show. I was just wondering how that came to be and what the story is behind it."

Stephen: "Ben Karlin actually discovered it while he was buying something at a bodega. He saw these dusty bottles of Nutz soda and wasn't sure if they were real. He asked the owner and he said yes. So he bought two, one of hazelnut and the other of pistachio. We used them first in tax tips and then from then on because it was so funny."

Stephen then calls Ben Karlin out and then Ben is like noddding and agreeing with him.

Me: "So how much of that crap did you have to buy if you're still drinking it six years later?"

Stephen: Oh we only bought a few bottles. The stuff I'm drinking now is colored water... the pistachio."

Then Stephen and Ben had a little talk about the soda.

Stephen: "Remember how I told you I wanted to do a show sponsored by the soda and you were okay with that?"


"Whats the motto of Nutz?"

"The soda that no longer exists?"

"No, it's the soda that's no longer produced!"

Now keep in mind that I'm sitting on the farthest end of the row and right next to me is where Colbert and all the others run out onto the set. Ben was literally standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME and that totally made my night. [info]pocky_slash could honestly care less about the show-- we were more focussed on BEN!

BTW-- Real-Life Colbert Mannerism: Stephen has an oral fixation and sucks on a ballpoint pen until he can go out onto the stage. He seriously had to have one of the production people take it from his mouth, then he did some sort of little jig before running out to the audience. I swear, that man is so fucked up.

The show was sort of funny, but really the Q+A session was the best of all. Stephen ranted on weight loss for the word, and we had to sit through the "Audition Tape" from the WHCD. I swear, that man has it out for me. Gay reference was something that the interviewee said to Stephen about telling all the men he interviews that they look good. (Make of that what you will)

Then pocky_slash and I went to our Fridays and then got drunk off of these weird margaritas that had double the alcohol in them because we couldn't taste it the last time. I think I'm still drunk actually.

And here's two pics from tonight:

Courtney with ticket

Lucky number 16! :)

The Colbert Report bathroom.

The Colbert Report's Bathroom.
(I wanted a pic of the set, but that was the best I could do).

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