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"The Colbert Report"

April 25, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

Thanks to pocky_slash, I was able to attend another episode taping of the Colbert Report. The episode was about a 4 out of 5!

I arrived at 415pm and Kait and her friend arrived just after 5pm. I was lucky number Colbert audience member 13, and met up with some other fandom people while I was there. That was a very interesting experience.

We were let in at around 7 to the studio and the warm up guy did about 30 mins of warm up. The only thing I remember is that the YMCA looks like "Touchdown, Mcdonalds, half moon, christmas tree" to deaf people.

Maybe you had to be there.

The BIGGEST surprise had to be the fact that in the audience was Ed Helms' cousin, Parker Helms!

If you'll remember, Cousin Parker was the one who set up the meet-n-greet with Ed Helms last March and low and behold there he was as a superVIP. He got to sit through rehersal, the Colbert toss with Jon and then got the prime seats in the house. And yes people, he is still a dead ringer for Ed Helms except that he has blonder hair. I think he was there for the Ed Helms banjo concert last night, and the best part of it was that he kept looking over to me and giving me weird looks. I just kept smiling and making eye contact -- I think he might have remembered me because I was wearing the same pink sweater and my hair was done the same.

Stephen didn't answer any of our questions and the ones he did answer were sort of lame. He begun the show and we were greeted with THE WORD (Panama) and our gay reference tonight was Assless Chaps (Kilborn segment anyone?) and somehow mentioning he was a gerbil in a wheel.

Colbert broke during the John Lennon segment when the speaker box repeated itself and he had to surpress a laugh. The audience just went wild.

We were also greated to the threatdown, with Tom Hanks being a huge threat.

Uhh-- nothing else really happened that was cool. It's just another Colbert Report episode. But a good one nonetheless.

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