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"The Colbert Report - Eat Your BLTs "

January 16, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

Tonight was the last Colbert Report episode taping that I'll be able to go to-- this one was definitely different from the one I had attended before. I think it all depends on the audience. Going with mysticfeline2 was probably the best part because watching her get excited over Stephen and having her bounce around all giddy made me giddy too.

I won't go into the details of the usual happenings-- it was all the same as before. Got there at 445, met up with her and was let in and finally got to the question part.

Colbert asked the audience as usual if anyone had any questions and immediately mysticfeline2 and I raised our hands-- the only ones. Colbert looked at us with confusion and suprise and then called on mysticfeline2 and that was awesome. God she was so cute and giddy-- to watch her be all nervous when she was asking him was great.

Someone else asked a question and then I got my turn.

I stood up and Colbert and I had the following interaction.

Me: ::stands up::

Colbert: Now that's the way to do it. See, the girl in the back knows how to make me notice her.

Me: ::cute pose:: That's right!

Colbert: Alright what's your question?

Me: July 22nd is the 10th anniversay of the daily show -- ::gets cut off::

Colbert: ::walks around the set:: Wow 10 years already? I feel old... wow time for a colonoscipy... ::motions for me to continue::

Me: July 22 is the 10th anniversary of the daily show, as you know. Are there any plans or anything of a reunion or anniversary episode in the works?

Colbert: Umm, the answer is no. As most of you might know, Kilborn was on before... The daily show really started for me in January '99.

I sat down after that felt really upset. I figured that the answer would be a "no" response, but the way he phrased it hurt. It basically sounds as though that Colbert is saying that everyone thinks that the Kilborn-era doesn't exist. Those for me are some of the greatest episodes of the show's run and I'm really just sort of hurt.

I wonder if it had anything to do with him being called "The New Guy" before every segment and having crap assignments like the KKK rally or wearing those gawd-awful bowties. I wonder if it also means that there was some issues with Craig and Stephen and maybe that's why he's all bitter or something.

All it did was make me feel more awkwardness toward the man that I am not the biggest fan of =\


Rest of the taping went smoothly. No flubs from Colbert at all on the script and it was smooth sailing into the interview. I think mysticfeline2 and I are on tv again. Look for the two bouncing girls in the back row on the right side of the screen, in "right-side" audience area. I'm in a white sweater again; you can't miss me. The other girl will be mysticfeline2.

After the taping we went to dinner with her dad to a place called the RedEye Grill. It was this really fancy place that had to easilly be at least $30/person. Her dad graciously paid for dinner and it was the nicest thing.

Things learned tonight at the Colbert Report taping: A BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato. The bread is implied in the word 'sandwich'. Also, Stephen + ink on his face = fucking hilarious.

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