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"The Colbert Report - Double-stick tape"

January 12, 2006 - by Courtney Beth

I just got back from seeing my first taping of "The Colbert Report"-- thanks to nerdork for giving up her extra ticket. The show was absolutely amazing and all I want to do is just write everything I can think of before I forget most of the details.

I got there at like 445pm and was number two in line; we were let in at 6pm and didn't get seated until 645. I was in the third row on the left-hand side-- which is where you have to sit. Stephen does about 80% of the show there and otherwise you'll miss so much. I was dead-on eyelevel with Colbert and it was soooo amazing.

The television does no justice to the set. There's a gun and a sword on the wall, several dozen books, toy cars, and just random stuff you'd really miss unless you did a pause-by-frame analysis of everything. It's a LOT smaller than I thought that it would be, which then makes me wonder how the Daily Show set fit into the building.


So the show started after Stephen answered questions. He danced for us, talked about his two different ears (boring), and then really didn't answer anything worthwhile. The show then started and that's when the magic happened. Colbert did the introduction segment twice -- he flubbed the first time and even dropped a "FUCK" in there; the second time he got it on. And then we kept on hollering and cheering at stuff.

I will say this-- everything I have ever said about the man is true. He mentioned HITLER. He mentioned GAY. And in a strange and what-the-fuck-ish sort of way, he also mentioned Jon Stewart and Jon was on the side little thingy next to his face.

In other words: I got gay, Hitler, and Stephen/Jon O_o

"The Word" is awkward in person. You have to either choose to watch the screen or watch Stephen. I ended up watching the screen so that I could see the response from "The Word" screen with him in the picture. Tonight's word: Double-stick tape. hehe.

The guest tonight was really funny and played along with Stephen. You could tell that while Stephen was listening to the guy speak that he was trying to think of his next joke. It was so amazing though -- that man is so quick on his toes with his come backs. They talked about evolution and the guy talking was awesome. I really was glad that I stuck through the interview.

There was also a "Get to Know A District" again. I love that 434-part series. It with Jersey's 9th district on tonight and that's where the gay came from. Oh god. I can't even talk about it; sooooooo funny. The random cut away shot of a field and a dreamy-eyed!Colbert killed me.

So yeah-- that was it.

I'm eager to know IF they show a studio shot in the episode because I'll be on teevee :):):) Someone has to let me know before I download the episode.

So my analysis over all of the show: Colbert in person is witty and funny; I still don't like his Daily Show stuff. His show tonight was great because of all the studio moments. He randomly jammed out to a song by "The Killers" and was singing along to it while he was boucing his head around. He's the gayest straight man I know. My 'dar didn't go off at all when I saw him but damn does he play up that character.

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