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Colbert in a huff over Fluff: Comedian sneers at analysis of his facial features

Paige Wiser, The Chicago Sun-Times

Comedian Stephen Colbert faced off with the Sun-Times' celebrity Fluff section on his Comedy Central show, "The Colbert Report."

"No surprise that the mainstream media is gunning for me again," he said with a sneer on Thursday's show. He was reacting to Fluff expert Rose Rosetree's analysis last Sunday of Colbert's aura and his facial features.

In the article, Rosetree deconstructed Colbert's "in-drawn lip texture," "tiny front teeth" and "zany out-angled right ear."

Colbert took it personally. He responded, "Hey Rosetree! I've got something out-angled for you right here." The comment was accompanied by a gesture he hid behind his hand.

"You can compare him either to Mother Teresa or Lucille Ball," Rosetree had said in the article.

"Great," said Colbert. "A vagrant hugger or an immigrant-loving chocolate fiend."

Reached the next day, Rosetree says she was disappointed that Colbert didn't invite her on the program. "When it comes to face reading on his show, I would be funnier than Colbert," she said.

But the funnyman finished with a serious warning for the paper. "Listen up, Chicago Sun-Times: A man's face is private -- especially when it's on TV four times a day."

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