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"The Daily Show"

February 12, 2007 - by Chris

Here is the account of our journey to see Jon Stewart in New York.

Elven_wolf and I met up. We caught up, had fun, no probs, etc. Got into line by 3ish and there were already people there. We got there and hung around. Got to go in early cause it was so cold so that was nice.

We got in, waited a bit cause we were in so early. Then the warm up guy showed up, Paul Mecurio. He joked around with the audience, he was alright.

So anyway, the good stuff. Jon came out and he was very gracious. We got to ask questions. Some questions asked:
1. What are your real feelings on George W. Bush?
He says that's a tough one. If the gentleman had asked about Cheney, then he would have had more to say. He basically called Bush misguided and Cheney evil enough to brush a flower and kill it with his aura.
2. What was he like as a child in class? as in was he the class terror.
He says that he was talking about it with his family recently, cause his 2 yr old daughter, Maggie is so hyper, sticking her fingers into outlets and stuff. His mom said that he was like that as a kid. Jon asked his mom if he was evil as a kid. She responded, "'You were...... mischievous.' But you could see in her eyes, that meant bad."
3. I GOT TO ASK MY QUESTION. I decided to ask the same question I asked Stephen: if he could box anyone for charity, who would it be? He immediately came out saying, "oh no, look at me, I'm so frail." So I shouted out, what about on the wii? And he made a joke about the wii and why do you have to move around while playing video games? I was happy that he did.

The show itself was awesome. We couldn't hear it very well so I'm watching it again to hear everything. No mistakes, the bits are all funny and we got 4 correspondants! Wolf and I were in the 2nd row, center, end seats. Good seats but blocked by cameras a bit. Jon almost broke when Larry Wilmore broke towards the end of his segment. When they showed the black and white voters. You see his papers go up in the frame, that was Jon trying not to laugh but he caught himself.

The interview was interesting. Good questions and an interesting speaker.

The fun came when the satellite uplink worked! (for lucia_tanaka - while waiting for the satellite uplink, Rocky the sound guy was playing music. He put on How to Save a Life by The Fray. And naturally I started thinking of the Jon/Stephen, Jon/Steve, Steve/Stephen music vid! And it was kinda apropo since his friend was away on his own show. And Jon was tapping on his cup and looking pensive and talking to his stage manager and stuff.) Jon introduced Stephen and he showed up ont he screen with a wide grin and said HELLO EVERYONE. and we cheered. Jon tried to shush us but we didn't see him/do it. He made a joke saying that we didn't listen to him.

They started joking around. Jon apologized to us cause we started late. Apparently they rewrote the whole show at 5 cause it sucked. BUT IT WAS AWESOME. So they talked some more, discussing old footage that Stephen knew about, the shot where the kid/dog/whatever got hit by the car. He was like "The one from 1999?" He was so giggly/bubbly. They were adorable. The toss was cute. We gave Jon a standing ovation, he came out again, said thank you and that was that.

I want to go again. Any chance I can, I'll go.

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